With the virtually endless number of private, industrial, and recreational uses for UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle) technology, it is no surprise that the last two years have seen a 167% jump in drone sales.  Professionals are now seeing the unprecedented advantages of utilizing drones in building, farming, inspection, media coverage, and performance evaluation. The ability to change perspective, to see both the bigger picture and small details that you simply can’t get from the ground is revolutionizing business, sport, and journalism.


Drone enthusiasts have been pushing the boundaries of creativity and innovation constantly, forcing industry leaders like DJI, Parrot, and Yuneec to keep up. There’s nothing like reliving a hiking trip or music festival from the birds eye view of the drone video footage captured. DJI has even partnered with EpicTV to host the second edition of the Rise of the Drone Film Festival – awarding 2,000 Euros and an Inspire 1 Pro drone to the best film winner. The festival promises to be a showcase of the best aerially shot adventure, outdoor, and action sports films.


As people continue get their first tastes of seeing through the eye of a UAV’s sights that humans would never otherwise be able to see – the community will undoubtedly continue to grow. Whether you’re brand new to the world of drones, or have been flying for years, increased air traffic as well as other unknown factors such as weather and interference makes drone insurance an important decision. Many experienced fliers will tell you that it is less a question of if you will crash, but when.  Crash protection from Neary Aerial allows drone users the peace of mind and confidence to push their drones harder, and take the bigger risks necessary to continue pushing the boundaries of what drones can accomplish. With quicker repair times than the manufacturer can offer, Neary Aerial will make sure you aren’t grounded for long.

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